About No Destinations - Chris Garlotta

Hi we’re Chris and Danika. In March 2014 we quit our jobs, sold everything, and rented out our house in San Francisco - all to travel the world.

On March 1st, 2014 we left our home, and our friends and family, and set off to Europe with a one way ticket to Rome, Italy. Since then, we've visited over 90 different destinations around the world; and have had some truly once-in-a-lifetime adventures this year; From swimming with sea turtles in the Maldives and the trekking through the rain forests of Malaysia, to hiking on a glacier in Iceland and exploring the the deserts of the United Arab Emirates...

When we set off of this trip almost 2 years ago, we never would have imagined that this type of lifestyle would really be possible. But yet, somehow we manage to make it work!

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